Once you have REGISTERED you have the opportunity to ‘ADD a Business Profile’ or ‘ADD an OFFER or EVENT’ by clicking on the specific BUTTON. The next page provides a list of ‘PLANS’ for you to choose from. The details required for a FULL PROFILE will be presented after you have made your payment via PayPal.

Essential Info


This is the business name you wish to be found… we suggest you leave off the word LIMITED or LTD


Where possible always provide a LOCAL address i.e. even if HQ is in London, it is better to show a ‘local presence’ to attract new business. Once you have typed your full address you will have to CLICK on FIND ON MAP, the Google Map should display your whereabouts. If the location marker is a little off your precise position, you can easily CLICK on the blue MARKER and move it (you will note an X appear at the point of the marker which is the exact positioning POINT.

Listing Categories

A ‘Main or Header Category’ must be TICKED as it assists tracking for the search facility. Only one ‘Main’ category should be used for each business or event profile. An additional profile should be created where a business crosses over to another ‘Main’ category.

Best Person to Contact

OPTIONAL… This depends on whether you wish to provide a specific persons name or ‘Title’.  Please remember you are able to amend as often as you wish.

Best Person Tel. (Mobile)

Again, this is OPTIONAL

Your Best Choice because…

You are invited to write a short taster to attract new customers. We suggest you keep this brief as most consumers are speed reading and will be unlikely to read all your text. If they wish to read all about you they will click through to your website or more importantly they will read your customer reviews.

Available Bonus Contributions

You can choose any combination of bonuses you offer which can be displayed within your premises so customers can see what the values are… Car Parking, Public Transport, Student Card, State Pension and Rural Support Bonuses.

Supporting Our Local Charities

Tick this Box if you wish to make 15% additional subscriptions towards charitable donations.

Contact Info

Phone Number

For the same reason as with ‘Location’ a local number or mobile number is far more inviting. Non-geographic numbers should be avoided at all cost, as most people use mobiles and calls to such numbers are typically chargeable (outside of ‘Mobile Usage Allowance’).


If you have a website you should consider the benefit of using the ‘Doozza Widget’ which will be emailed to you. This will provide a direct link to your ‘Doozza Profile’ where consumers (potential new customers) can read your reviews and find any offers or events you have posted (published).


Not everyone has a Twitter account and it’s easy to understand why many busy entrepreneurs are reticent about investing additional time in having to post ‘Tweets’ regularly. Well now, with Doooza all that has become so much easier. Your customers will be able to ‘Follow’ your business tweets by simply touching the ‘twitter’ icon within your profile. The @ character is already preloaded so you will only have to type in the letters after the @.


If you check your LinkedIn profile as a member of the public i.e. not on a laptop or smartphone that is logged on to LinkedIn, you will notice the URL is www.linkedin.com FOLLOWED by either /pub/ or /company/ – your specific username/tagline. Again, it is important you type (in the BOX provided) the exact string of text displayed after linkedin.com i.e. /pub/your-tagline/


If you have a public video on YouTube you can insert a link in to your ‘Doozza Profile’ by copying the characters you will find directly after http://youtu.be/ within the SHARE section on YouTube. The characters will look similar to: fRVvOY_RBHs


If you have setup a Google+ account go to your account settings (top right hand corner of screen) and choose PROFILE AND PRIVACY… you will see a long string of numbers directly after… https://plus.google.com/ similar to: 105922459504835732367 – type these numbers in to the BOX provided.


In a similar was to Google+ all that is required in the Facebook BOX within your PROFILE is your username – you can check this easily by going to your FACEBOOK page (whilst NOT logged on) and copying the username directly after www.facebook.com/

Additional Info

Listing Images

All images should be SQUARE and at least 230 px x 230 px with a minimum 80 dpi.

The first image loaded will be set as the Featured Image however you can make an email request to amend. The Featured image is seen when a profile is displayed as a ‘Featured’ listing.

Business Description

This is your place to write a BRIEF description of your services or the products you offer.


These are ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ that will assist anyone searching a specific group or genre i.e. if you are a member of a particular organisation or association you may use the name your group, in order that your colleagues or associates may discover your business profile, which can be refined by typing a location in the ‘Near’ BOX.