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First impressions count... Developing a quality profile with high resolution images supported by clear, concise and relevant words, will make your online presence far more effective.

More than Magic

Businesses wishing to maintain or even expand their opportunities and sales must adapt to the ever changing consumer behaviour and embrace the technologies employed by the vast numbers of our ‘I want it NOW!’ society. Armed with handheld smartphones on which they can research and even purchase goods and services, then report the quality and effectiveness of the suppliers to a 24 hour listening facility known as the Internet. How will you choose to harness the ‘power of the internet’? If you would like to adopt a solution based service that offers an uncomplicated method of combining all the online assets to your advantage then email our Support Team using support[AT]

Online Presence

You must be in it to win it… Even without a website businesses can create and develop a significant ‘online presence’ by utilising the many social media offerings including facebook and twitter. There are business directories too… it all depends on how much exposure is required, since too many enquiries or sales can be as unwanted as not enough; fulfilment and quality of service are of paramount consideration, because poor performance will be exposed more readily than great service is praised. The time is right for business leaders and community organisations to benefit from the fantastic benefits gained from web-based or online marketing.

Loyalty Pays

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising because we all prefer the known rather than the unknown. Poor performance is easily exposed through various review websites and social media ‘dislike’ type functions, so businesses must remain vigilant in their approach to customer service and after-sales care. The more customers a business has who are spreading ‘good news’ the better that same business will find their repeat and referral opportunities. Consumers all over the world are quickly adopting methods of reporting their experiences, so now there are millions of reviews and ratings waiting to be examined by potential customers, all at the touch of the screen to a handheld device.

Our Features

Location Alerts

Attracting NEW customers near to You and Your Business makes perfect sense.

Promote Experience

Offering an engaging and satisfying experience is far more productive.

Developing Referrals

HAPPY customers are more likely to promote Your Business to family and friends.

PC/Apple & Mobile

Great for smartphones, tablets, PC's + Apple using all OS including Chrome, IE and Safari.

Activity Tracking

Increase 'business intelligence' from activity statistics and registered user feedback.

Easy Social Media

All major social media platforms combined in to ONE including facebook and twitter.

Information for...

  • Geolocation Alerts
  • Referral Business
  • Sponsor Members
  • Local Sponsorship
  • Business Profile Setup
  • Local Groups
  • Search Box Tips
  • Activity Promotion
  • Privacy & Anti-Spam
  • Social Media Activity
  • News and Education
  • Experience & Engagement

The Value of Cooperation

Local Opportunities for Local People

  • I love my business and I want to find local people who value their health and well-being, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I discovered this fabulous online solution. My free time is limited so I must prioritise my marketing activities because the cost of learning eats in to my remuneration. Having a great online presence means I can make the most of building a sound reputation and a valuable experience for my customers to enjoy.

  • Since joining the Co-APPerative my business has grown exponentially!  Rather than getting bogged down with figuring out how to best implement social media, I am able to concentrate on what I do best. You can understand our delight when we came across this low cost service with a high value return. Give it a go, you will be pleased with the results. It’s a NO BRAINER! Seriously though, I do recommend this high value service to all self-respecting entrepreneurs.

  • The Co-APP business proposition makes good business sense.  Increased exposure of my travel services to local business owners and community groups has created a fabulous flow of enquiries which in turn means sales.  Fellow entrepreneurs should take a serious look at what’s on offer and take action before their business is passed by in favour of the competition that has embraced the incredible resource which most of us have taken for granted.

  • My enquiry level for new design work has increased dramatically, so much so that I am taking on an assistant to maintain a high level of service to my new clients.  Just a little time to develop my profile and a minimal monthly overhead; no business person in their right mind should miss this opportunity to be a part of something massive. It’s amazing how the online presence of my business and my enquiry-to-sale conversion rate have rocketed in such a short time.

  • Our business has been a family concern for more than five generations and was built with the benefit of a strong local community in which everyone knew their neighbours. New business from recommendations given by customers to friends and colleagues has been the life-blood of our firm, however in recent years competition has increased dramatically and it is more difficult to contend with the larger companies and their huge advertising and marketing budgets.

  • Finding local talent has always been a challenge, but now the majority of my new enquiries come from people close by. After posting a job vacancy the numbers of emails I receive from local applicants is wonderful. I enjoy the simplicity of the service and I find the engagement and experience a welcome joy, compared to the many SEO and social media offerings, which are far more expensive and less user-friendly. It’s great that local business is eco-friendly too.

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